Wind Cave, Custer SD

Wind Cave is currently the 5th longest cave in the US.  According to the "breathing" of the cave and the subsequent extrapolation of said data, the rangers estimate that only 5% of the cave has been discovered and mapped.

At any rate, this cave is well known for structures called boxwork, which is when the the limestone sediment forms in the cracks of other rocks, which are eventually dissolved away leaving these boxed patterns.

The cave was "discovered" by us anglos when the wind could be heard whistling outside of the cave entrance by a pair of brothers.  Having said that, it was known by the Lokota for many many years, and is a very sacred place to them.

The natural cave entrance, roughly 15" wide.

View looking out the "new" entrance.

Boxwork formations.

More boxwork formations.

More boxwork.

Even more boxwork.

Within the actual park, there is a large number of wild buffalo -- here are a few we saw leaving the park.

The Lokota prayer flags near the natural entrance.


Shawn, thanks for the post. Your pictures and description makes us sorry we didn't go to see thm. But there is so much to see in that part of the country and even though we think we have lots of time we have to remind ourselves that we can't see it all.

We were in the Back Hills just over a week or so ago. hope you get to see Crazy Horse Memorial

Safe traveling
Wayne & Sarah

Thanks for the traveling wishes -- I hear you about the so much to see bit. When everything is said and done, we will have been here for a little over two weeks, and I think that'll just be enough time to see the national parks and such -- forget about all of the small things (like the little museums, road-side attractions, etc).

We're heading over to Crazy Horse this weekend, although we did miss the recent blasting!

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