Amarillo, the Yellow City- We Hardly Knew Ye

Yes, driving into it, the grass is actually yellow. When I say we barely knew Amarillo, I mean it. The heat still kept us inside except for the days I took the kids to the pool, the grocery store, Target and Walmart. Amarillo was a test of patience in many ways. After 3 weeks of intense heat that coincided with incredible work stress for Shawn, we will be so glad to have the option of getting outside without turning into a burning pile of flesh.

On a happier note, The Amarillo RV Ranch is a lovely park. I have to say that the amenities at Amarillo RV Ranch are wonderful. They have clean laundry and at $2.00 to wash and dry a load not bad at all. The washers aren't tiny either. Even though the pads are gravel ours was perfectly level. They have an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna. The pool was very, very cold. Perfect for a bunch of hot weary travelers who've just unhitched in 99 plus temps. A thirty minute float in the water and we were refreshed. For obvious heat reasons we did not use the sauna or the hot tub. The only downside is that if the wind blows the wrong way during the day you get the ever so pleasant smell of cow dung but even that only lasted for a few hours on a couple of days. And as Mrs. Minor, my 9th grade english teacher, taught me to end on a positive note..... They serve donuts and coffee every morning from 8am -10am. Sorry Bash attendees... no bacon donuts.

I spent 4-5 hours in the laundry room on two different days. Shawn had requested that I sew the sheets together to make bed making easier for the kids. I tried two different methods. One worked well and ... well, I had to buy new sheets and sew them together. Live and learn. I also started working on a quilt since the sewing machine was out and I was waiting on the sheets to get clean. I sewed 252 squares into pairs one day. Then 65 pairs into strips of 4 on another day. Quilting is always a good thing... for me.


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