Birthday Party Weekend

Where did we leave you? OH, yes.. the birthday party and no internet connection. I am sightly disappointed that I got no applause for my black tank dump but I'll just have to get over it.

Anyone wonder why it is we left the much cooler South Dakota for the burning hell that is Oklahoma. Birthday party. Now let me state that usually I'd have just said sorry not happening we are traveling but I had the Birthday Boy WITH me and he was insistent about the location of the party. We decided to indulge him since we are pretty sure he won't be able to have it at his Memaw's next year as we are planning on visiting the east coast.

It was a splashing success of a weekend that saw me riding water slides into three feet of water. My niece learned to dive badly (frog style) but she learned to dive and my bouncing baby girl (7 yr) learned the joy of running off the diving board (over and over and over again). My husband learned that we have the support of his parents for your extended trip but not mine (shocking...not really).

It was a good thing we dumped some stuff off in storage as well. Since both kids ended up with more stuff. One lost a tooth and got paid (overpaid) by one of the grandparents to let the other pull it. $20.00. The kids promptly took all the money to Wal-Mart and spent it. The toy bins are almost to capacity again.

We are getting a 3rd miff device for Shawn's work. To be fair the first device was Virgin, it has unlimited usage and is pay-as-you-go. We bought it to use when we were still in OKC and stationary. It has a limited range, cities and a few miles from the interstate. We then got us a Verizon MiFi and it works so much better but still occasionally comes across a few dead spots. For instance, Shawn's parents house. AT&T just got coverage at his parents house which, in the past, we have spent a fair amount of time at. They also have coverage at our next stop which the other two do not. We are waiting for the local AT&T store to get a device in. Just a little insurance against not being able to work.

We had a blessed night of no A/C last night, just the slight hum of the fan and the windows open. My ears are still thanking me. Although last night, when we got to listen to someone driving in donuts nearby.... but eventually quiet reigned supreme. I am longing for a more rustic atmosphere. I have had my fill of big cities and am ready for some gorgeous scenery.

My daughter lost another tooth sometime between last night and this morning. She doesn't have a gap so much as a canyon between her remaining teeth.


The day I get compliments on dumping the tank, I will send them out to others. It is a "thankless" task after all.

Well you know, you obviously don't come with a drain phobia or a phobia of anything that goes into the drain..... or can come out of the drain. Yes, I have issues and I embrace them all.

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