Finally! I can't understate how wonderful it is to sit outside, under the awning, drinking coffee, and watching the kids play with matchbox cars on the sidewalk.

I wish I still had the serenity to finish the post in the manner it was started. It's been a long trying day that included a clinic visit and a hospital visit. Not long after typing that first sentence my leg started aching really badly. I called my old doctor here in OKC and his nurse thought I might possibly have a blood clot and he would need to see. Just one catch, he didn't have any appointments until tomorrow. You've just told me I could have a life threatening blood clot but you can't see me for 24 hours.......We decided to head down to one of the walk-in clinics.

The clinic took some X-Rays and determined the leg was not broken but she felt there was a 50/50 chance I had a blood clot. She scheduled me for an emergency ultra sound at the hospital, which would call me. Not knowing if it would be an hour or a day we headed the 30 minutes back to the trailer. We were home long enough to feed the kids and get slightly hysterical(just me not shawn) and the phone rang. They wanted us there immediately.....

To make a longer and more boring story short, it would appear I don't have a blood clot just a very bad bruise. I was told that if I did have a clot I would be admitted immediately. I was sent home but I have not heard back from the doctor yet. I am on crutches, when outside of the trailer, for the immediate future just to alleviate some of the discomfort caused by walking.

We still had a birthday party to attend at my all time favorite party mecca.... Chuck E cheese. We were in denial for many years that it existed but the kids enjoyed it and passed out very quickly. We managed to surprise the birthday girl by bringing one of her favorite people, unexpectedly, to the party. The adults got to sit and relax.

Lastly another trip to Target to stock up on hand soap, dishwashing liquid and cleaning supplies before returning home. At least we get to rest here for a few days. We've moved 5 times in nine days and had much drama. Soon we will depart for the family visitation.... isn't that just plum exciting.


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