The Next Stop...

We finally stopped in Hutchinson, KS. Our intention was to stay for the week. What is it they say about good intentions.....

Our campground was the Kansas State Fair Grounds and it would be just great at any other time of the year. The campground is located in a field with no shade in sight. There were about 4 other RVs at the campground. There would have been plenty of room for the kids to ride their bikes. Just one itty bitty problem. It was 112 upon our arrival. It reached about 105 yesterday. The new a/c managed to keep it just below 90 degrees but with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 adults in 27ft trailer.... we'll let's just say we are once again on the road. I found a campground in good old OKC that has a pool and a/c club house. They might even have a bit of shade.

I long for the days of sitting under my awning, reading my book, watching the kids play, and not to have the need for the A/C 24/7.

Due to all the extra moving we are several weeks ahead of schedule. I decided to move the August B-Day party up 2 weeks so that we'd only have to suffer through 1.5 weeks of hideous summer heat. Yes, I think South Dakota spoiled us just a bit with it's mild summer temps. I am counting the days until we can escape back into cooler climes. You can call me a wimp.. I am ok with it now that I know how the northern half lives.

Shawn will be posting pictures soon of his outing with the kids to the Cosmosphere.


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