Storage Dump & Airstreaming

As most of you know we are fairly new to Airstreaming. We knew before we set out on this epic trip that we'd end up swapping things in and out of storage but I thought it would be clothes. Instead it's been household things and swapping would be misleading. We've been adding to our storage.

The corelle plates we bought and used on previous trips. We even bought an extra box "in case we ever had company". We have used it less than 10 times because we found some really cute melamine Mickey Head plates at the Disney Store which don't require anything extra other than stacking on moving days. I now have two sets of dishes in storage.....hmmmm.

The Disney Resort mugs that took up too much space got replaced by 4 melamine coffee mugs (coleman), that almost match the Mickey plates, we found at walmart.

The toys... oh, the toys that never got played with. The kids found the toys that were small and easily accessible to be their favorites. The boy actually asked to put his nerf guns into storage. We, the parents, placed a stuff toy limit - 3 a piece unless you traded an annoying one in. then you got 4. Yes, stuffed toys can be annoying.

A few books, but they got replaced with a few more from the kids school curriculum.

One tent and two sleeping bags were stored. I won't sleep in a tent (just call me princess in a derogatory tone) and the rest just didn't get around to it so why carry them... right?

One game of RISK as nobody in the family will actually play the game with shawn.

A computer backpack filled with some excess crafting supplies:
The backing for the hand pieced quilt I'm only half finished piecing.
My Knitting needles that are not in use, or more accurately, not currently in a project I've still not finished.
misc, etc......

Some kitchen paraphernalia - you'd have to ask my cook. I just know he cleared out some floor space in the panty.

We did pull out some more clothes without returning any. However, my daughter is about to purge some jeans that are worn out with jeans in storage.

The carpet attachment to the vacuum went into storage but kept the wand and the pet attachment.

While actively hunting for things to purge we spent some time reorganizing the trailer. To be fair when I say we, well Shawn was doing most of the work, I was supervising from the couch with my foot propped up above my heart.

We've been unable to visit any of our friends while here due to more than one extenuating circumstance.

Shawn did met some new airstream friends. SteSpot is directly across the road from us. They invited Shawn in to see SteSpot but his hands were filthy so he declined. We've seen the photos online and maybe they'll extend the invite again. He also met a lady new to airstreaming. She's down the road but in sight of our trailer. I still haven't met anyone.

I've only ventured out to do laundry or sit a few minutes under my awning since the infamous day with the doctors. Frankly the crutches just drive me crazy. I won't even go into the excessive heat....


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