The Toilet and The Prairie Hole

From the title I bet your really curious. What does the toilet have to do with the hole in the prairie? Honestly not much, except that Shawn just got dumped with two people's pre-hitch up chores.

We will start with the toilet. Our toilet is the original, except for the house toilet seat someone put on, and we new that eventually we'd have to replace it. Not unlike the a/c, we just weren't counting on doing it this trip. We were wrong...again. The fresh water is leaking. A few hallelujah that it's not the black water... right? So this very morning we are headed up to Watertown, SD (ironic?) to get the toilet replaced. I have to admit I am a bit excited by this as I hate that house toilet seat. It just looks ugly and out of place. Mmmmm.... vanity about my airstream bathroom.... problem or natural? Picture of the new one to come later.

Now for the hole in the prairie, it was hidden and deep. My leg went into the hole almost to the knee and I was lucky it didn't snap in half. I was also fortunate that it happened on our last day on the Homestead. As it stands, the phone in nurse thinks I have a deep tissue bruise. Very lucky! She has ordered minimal use and movement. Goodluck on the movement part, I have yet to figure out how I can stop the occasional jarring from a pot hole. Shawn has been saddled with all my packing and hitching/unhitching chores for a few days. The only thing he's allowing me to do is stand in one stop to direct the trailer.

Let me just say, the Homestead owner brought in a bulldozer with a bucket full of dirt and Shawn said they filled every hole they could find. And we still managed to get in one more covered wagon ride to the school.... the daughter had specifically requested one family trip when Shawn got off work. I couldn't disappoint now could I?


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