Twin Lakes - There is a Reason For the Lack of Pictures

Anyone who's read the book "These Happy Golden Years" should know what the Twin Lakes are. These are the lakes that Almanzo and Laura took buggy rides between. There is actually a road going between Lake Henry and Lake Thompson called the Twin Lakes Road.

Lake Thompson was our intended next stop. However a certain bathroom complication made it necessary for us to change our intended destination. Since we wouldn't be visiting the campground I wanted to take a drive on the road going between them. Just one itty-bitty complication…. water.

We tried three different roads and ended up backing up all three times. One might be able to get there from a different side of the lake but I would not be surprised if the road between lakes was under water. After more than one hair raising 3 point turn and plenty of eroded roads we threw in the towel and headed back home.

According to the lady at the laundrymatt the road is indeed under water. Although our neighbor swears he just came through those very roads today.... I'll take the local lady for $200 Alex.


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