Will We Ever Stop?

We left a perfectly acceptable campground this morning. We thought (and yes I know that's the problem) we'd head into Kansas early and slowly (1-2 hours of driving a week) meander back towards the burning inferno that is Texas.

We headed out on our first 2 hour drive. Six miles from the Kansas line we found ourselves turned around again due to flooding. Exactly one hour later we made it back to the highway we had started on around 6 miles across the border. At this point we started to look for some lunch it was about 11:15am. We finally got lunch at 2pm after two unsuccessful tries at RV parks.

One was so "Exclusive" that Minerva was made 29 years too early to enter and the other... well if I open the washer door and I can see the mold growing inside....... There was a third but Shawn wouldn't have wanted to leave me and the kids alone there. Although anyone who wanted "adult entertainment" would have been right at home.

For now we are once again headed west bound on some freeway in Kansas hoping the next destination can:
1. be gotten to
2. be free of "interesting" entertainment
3. have mold free laundry machines
4. allow us to enter

Did I mention Kansas is trying to take Texas's burning inferno reputation away.....

Now I am going to cleanse my chakras, affect to change our karma, or something that could possibly help. Accepting ideas......


Keep heading west (quickly) and go spend the rest of your time in Colorado. Always the best place for us Texans to summer.

we lost the battle of the birthday party. Trust me we'd be in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Seattle, or Portland right now if I'd had my way. However, when your son wants his birthday party at Memaw's and only there.... well let's just say he is as stubborn as one of his parents and leave it at that.

We did eventually find a place to stop but we aren't committing to more than 2 days until we've been here through an entire day. Maybe we could slip into Colorado for a few days but that would probably make the 103 temps worse.

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