You Can Applaud Now

I know the men are going to laugh and the women are either going to say "way to go" or "gross" but today was a monumental, if disgusting, day for me. I dumped my first black tank. I am not sure what all the fuss is about but then again I just had to pull the lever. I am not to be trusted with the stinky slinky yet.....

Yes, ladies not being trusted with the slinky is something to be thankful for.

Doesn't that deserve some applause?

PS. As we were departing from OKC another 2000s model Airstream pulled into the RV park.

PPS. To the guy in the black nissan car, flipping us off does not negate your stupidity of cutting off on the freeway... just saying.

PSS. will be out of internet contact for a few days......

PPSS. trip planning is not going so well.

PPPSS. Shawn is muttering about wind, roads, and other drivers.


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