Chance Encounters

First there was SteSpot in OKC who were camped just across the street from us. Second there was Kingfisher24 who was three trailers down from us on the Olympic Peninsula. Then there was this one:

There we were just going about our business shopping for food. We'd shopped at the Fred Meyer store in Tillamook and driven out of the parking lot. We'd headed over to the Tillamook Diary/Cheese Factory/Ice Cream Parlor/Cafe to get some cheese. After all if you've got a Cheese factory in town why not shop there... right? However it was Sunday and you couldn't find a parking spot so we decided to save ourselves some hassle and just head to the Safeway for the cheese that is until we saw this beautiful shiny thing in the Fred Meyer parking lot.

We had to have driven right by it on the way out. How in the world did we miss it? So we pulled in to the parking lot and low and behold we saw something we recognized on the back window.

"Airstream Hobo"

No, we'd never met them before but we knew who he was. He's the clown, "Obie", that does the parking at the Birthday Bash. We'd check out his pictures from the Birthday BashII and talked with him via Airforums. Shawn went inside to get the cheese and I waited to ambush the unsuspecting Airstream owners. Which I did!

We enjoyed more than a few minutes to talk before wishing them safe travels and watching them drive out to continue their journey. Chance encounters are truly delightful.

Here is another thing we saw at the same store at the same time.


next summer you will get to know Obie very well at Bash3

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