Families And Pet Owners Beware

**I will be posting a link to the RV Park Reviews website page for this campground at the end of the article. Although I do not wish to discourage people for staying at the park, I think that people considering it should be forewarned.

Usually we do extensive research into picking a campground. Rv Park Reviews, Goodsam, Escapees and google are used to find a campground. Shawn has some specific work requirements such as we must be able to use one of our two mifi's or cell phones. I have certain safety and family requirements as we generally stay for a week at a time. This was the first time I didn't do the research. We'd had quite a bit of difficulty in deciding where to stay and were getting a bit desperate. We finally found the website to the campground and it looked wonderful.

I will be very up front and honest here. Nothing bad happened to us or during our stay (that we know of) but the potential was always present. It has spectacular views, is well taken care of, and is unnaturally quiet most of the time. It is setup for children and pets: pool, mini-golf, playground, horseshoe pits, doggy "park". It looked to be paradise. So with much enthusiasm with left Amarillo for the cooler temps of Colorado. As a matter of fact, if you don't have pets (dogs in particular) or children/grandchildren this campground is probably your idea of paradise.
Upon arrival Shawn went to check in. We are the only ones in line to check in. It was 93 degrees outside. We were all still loaded in the truck... dogs in the heat. I go in the trailer for a minute, come out, still sitting. Fifteen minutes after he went in Shawn comes back out. There is now a line to check in. We head to our spot, got unhitched, hooked up, walked the dogs. Shawn notices that the truck is sticking out into the road by about 6 inches. We head up to the office to check out the laundry and ask them about the truck.

Laundry was $3.00 for the washer as they have to haul water up the mountain which I suppose is fair enough but the laundry matt 8 miles away in Canon City is $1.75 to wash and about $0.75 to dry. They also charge about a dollar for 7 minutes in the shower. There is a $3.00 deposit on the mini-golf clubs and balls.

Shawn asked them about the truck and the owner specifically stated you have to be within the lot. Shawn pointed out that you really couldn't tell where the road starts and the lot ends. The guy was totally rude and unhelpful just repeating it had to be within the site but he could come look at it. We declined. To solve this we backed the truck up to the picnic table leaving just enough room for me to open my door to get inside and just enough room between picnic table and A/S door to get in and out.

On travel days I prefer to wear old jeans mostly (grease and dirt from hitching up) and a light summer sweaters as Shawn prefers a cold truck while driving long distances. I also have to protect a few areas of skin from the sun and light sweaters are easier than sun screen. As stated before, it was 93 and we'd just unhitched. I was fanning myself with some fliers. The woman was giving me a slightly off look (being nice here). I was taught not to do ANYTHING that could possibly offend and if you thought someone was taking exception you should explain/apologize. So I explained to her it had everything to do with the recent unhitching trying to avoid her thinking it was the lack of A/C. I should have saved my breath. She looked at me and told me I should probably wear something other than jeans and take that sweater off. I gave an answer and promptly left. Sometimes it's just better to walk away.

However it did get me curious so I headed online to RV Park Reviews to take a look. The first review confirmed my fears about the personality of the campground hosts. The other new reviews weren't too bad then I clicked on "read older reviews". To be fair they have more good reviews than bad but if you read the bad they are bad and really bad. The bad ones mirrored our limited experiences with the owners. We wanted to avoid the REALLY bad ones. Although we've not confined everyone to the trailer we have been more cautious than usual. We even started homeschooling a few weeks early to keep the kids occupied.

Most people who read this blog know we have a Great Dane. Great Danes are quite large. The barking rules here are strictly enforced. Great Danes barks are quite deep and loud. There is a funny thing about little dogs and big dogs. In our experience, little dogs (anything under mid-thigh level) love to bark at big dogs. Honestly, I think it's a "Oh that thing is huge and might hurt me if I don't warn it off" type of thing but we were on guard every time we came across another dog trying to ensure our boy didn't bark.

Just click on the link and scroll down till you get to Royal View.....


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