Go Ahead... You Can Laugh.....

Shawn has a certain tone of voice I have come to dread. All of us who have Vintage Airstreams know and have used this tone of voice. It has come to signify when something is wrong with Minerva. Yesterday morning I was awoken, after two nights of poor sleep, by this tone of voice. Shawn had stepped into the kitchen and a puddle. He found it spanned the floor from galley cabinet to our daughter's chair/bed soaking into the dogs beds as well.

I was ordered to stay in bed, oh the hardship of laying in for another hour or so. I could hardly bear it. When Minerva leaks, Shawn always wants to be left alone with her and frankly it's for the best. As I stayed where I was ordered, I have no idea exactly what the problem looked like but apparently one of the PO had clamped ANOTHER hose to a pipe which had come undone. Remember the Disney trip?

Over an hour and a half later the fix was done, the dogs beds were drying in the sun, we were all finally allowed to get up :(, Shawn had a crick in his neck, and I needed to do laundry(towels and mats used to clean up the water). To cheer everyone up Shawn decided to cook cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I decided to get the kids started on school work and then start a load of laundry while the rolls cooked.

Although my morning start was not ideal I was still in a good mood. After all, another leak had been fixed which means we are one leak closer to not finding any more PO fixes. I headed over to the laundry room carrying my basket full of towels, bathmats, the few clothes, and bottle of detergent. I get to the washing machines and calamity strikes... again. I dropped the bottle of detergent on the floor (again), breaking the lid (again), and spilling about 1/4 of it on the floor.

I throw my bathmats on the detergent in an attempt to sop up my mess. Then I run to the office to see about getting a mop but it doesn't open for 20 minutes. I headed into the bathroom and start using the thin brown paper towels in an attempt to clean up my mess. As you can imagine it was futile. To make a long story short I was still at it when the office opened, a mop and water came out, and well you could see the unusually clean spots on the floor where the laundry soap had fallen and soaked up the dirt.

Finally I started my washing machines and went home to check to see if breakfast was cold. It wasn't ready yet so I headed back. Does anyone know what happens when you put a bathroom mat on the floor to soak up laundry detergent? Yep, that's right, you get about ten times the normal amount of soap in your load. I had two mats in the same washer with way too much soap in them. I checked and the rinse water was soapier than when most loads are being agitated for the first time. I had to spend another $1.50 just to rinse the soap out.

Finally, around 10am, the laundry is done. I come back to find the kids working diligently on their school work. However, we were about 2 hours behind schedule with kids who simply didn't want to work and the dogs were letting us know how unhappy they were about not having their nice cushy beds to protect them from the mean evil floor. It seems that some days school work just flies by and others it like a marathon endurance of your patience. Guess which yesterday was....

Upon finishing everyone's work for the day we decided to put off our scheduled hike and just allow the kids to be kids. They really seemed to be craving some simple unscheduled toy play time in the dirt. They had so much fun and were so dirty they took showers upon reentering Minerva. Their toys even got showers. We had dinner and then spent the evening with a Top Gear night. It was then off to bed and hopefully some peaceful sleep.

So go ahead and enjoy the laugh. I am already grinning about it. Maybe next week I'll work up to a chuckle and the week after a small laugh until I get up to a real laugh. After all it's not the good days you laugh about later in life... it's the small mishaps along the way.

Ps. As I write the last sentence, Shawn has just found another leak under the kitchen galley....


AAAaah, The joys of life in a RV. Always something new popping up, water leak, unknown source of odor/smell, joy of accomplishment when for a while, everything is good again for a while. This is expected and acknowledged by most except when it happens in a brand new, 0 mile RV.
Enjoy the challenges, they make life interesting and on going learning experience.

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