Overwhelming - Glacier National Park, MT

For me there is simply one word to describe Glacier National Park. Overwhelming is the word. It has an overwhelming number of hiking trails. It is overwhelmingly large. It has an overwhelming number of visits during peak season. It has an overwhelming number of views but mostly it is overwhelmingly breathtakingly beautiful.

We drove the "Going-to-The-Sun" road from west to east starting about 9am. By the time we reached the visitors center on the other side I was completely sure I simply could not process another beautiful view. I knew they'd be playing like a slide show on my eyelids when I tried to sleep that night and I was not mistaken. My eyes actually hurt from looking at all the beauty and trying to keep up with the next view coming in sight.

The road itself is quite something else. It's twisty and windy with scenic turnout and hiking trails along the way. There is 24 miles section that does NOT allow any rigs over 21 feet long and honestly who'd want to pull their silver beauty through it. It took us about 2 hours to get to the east side and we also took a look at Many Glacier as well as the Two Medicine Campstore. Shawn has stated that if we ever came back he wants to do one of the Red Jammer tours. As the driver he did not get to enjoy the road as much as the rest of us. Some of the pictures I took were a surprise to him as he had so much concentrating to do.

It was awe inspiring to an overwhelming degree but overwhelming meant in the best way possible.


Great pictures, must have been a beautiful drive, for the passengers.

Beautiful photos. We'll be there next. We've just arrived at Yellowstone after 4 days boondocking in Grand Tetons. Hope we see you on the road somewhere! We 're yanking an Excella Classic 29' 1992. Enjoy reading your blog.

Thanks. We'd love to see you but we are on the wrong coast!!! Enjoy the beauty of the west... we miss it.

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