Skirts and Petticoats Day

Today was the day. I didn't know it would be the day but every so often the need hits. The lift her skirts and wash the petticoats spur of the moment clean. The one where you pull out every bin, stuffy toy, and Boba Fett helmet cleaning day. Instead of 20 minutes to clean Minerva it took about 45. The kids were kicked to the curb (really inside the truck to clean up their own mess) and the gaucho was fully extended with cushions removed. Shawn screwed in a couple of replacement screws to the front gaucho. Now Minerva has the homey smell of lemon about her and her gaucho disposition is more stable. I might feel a bit dirty, nasty, filthy but my home is clean.

Yep, folks that was exactly as exciting as our day was. Housecleaning with a bit o'laundry thrown on top. However, tomorrow is moving day and that's all the excitement one needs in two days..... well really three day.


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