The Tale of The Missing Items

Shawn and I have been losing things lately. We lost both of the Deluxe chock lock metal chocks and our pipe for hooking up the weight distribution bars. I am not sure exactly when we lost the first chock put we noticed it while hitching up at the RV park near his parents house. At first we thought someone had stolen it at the RV park. The park is remote enough and we were gone often enough to make it possible but we figured it was our fault for only using one chock and leaving the other in a bag outside the trailer. For some reason at the last two stops I'd forgotten to put the second chock in place. Lesson learned.

The same day we stop to get gas and let the dogs out to stretch their legs/do their business. I put the chock in (sans lock) and take the dogs for the walk. Shawn returns and we hitch up. As we start to drive off Shawn see something fall off the wheel. Yep, we forgot to take off the chock. I jump out and grab it. A week later we stop in Raton, NM for the same reasons. This time I run to the store while Shawn hitches up the truck. I return with my hands full and start fiddling with stuff in the truck. Shawn is left to do all the things I usually do - chocks, putting up the steps and the pipe for the weight distribution bars, checking the lights, etc. I fail to check with him to make sure he got everything done when he gets back into the truck.

So about 45 minutes later I peer out the window and I happen to catch a glimpse of Minerva's tires. It's not the first time I'd looked back there but suddenly I think about the chock, which obviously isn't on the tire anymore. I ask Shawn if he remembered to pull it out. Can you see where this is going? He hadn't since it's not usually part of his job. He had glanced at the tires but since the chock was silver he'd missed it.

Anyway, after a bit of heated discussion and eventually some rueful laughing at our stupidity, we headed on to Canon City, Co. After checking in, driving to our site, and leveling Minerva we go to unhitch. I rifle through the bag looking for the pipe for the weight distribution bars. I can't find it so I ask Shawn what he did with it. He put it on top of the tail gate just like he always does for me to put it up. We end up using the ratcheting wrench to lower the bars. Apparently we'd left it on the tailgate and it fell off.

Luckily we carry some of those plastic yellow chocks around. Before last week I really wasn't sure why... now I know. We found an RV store and bought a plastic yellow wheel lock chock(all they had) until we could get to camping world to get new ones. Thursday saw us at ACE hardware getting a pipe cut in half (we now have two of them) to use with the WD. Yesterday on our way out of Colorado we made it to camping world to purchase some BAL X-chock locking tire chock.

Shawn is threading to paint them highway orange... the pipes too.

On the upside maybe someone will pull into a gas station in Raton, NM having left their chocks and WD pipe behind somewhere else... if so, your welcome to borrow them until they decide to find another owner.....

And we don't really believe that someone stole the other chock. We believe there is a very real possibility that it fell out at some nameless gas station somewhere between Hutchinson, KS- St. Joesph, MO- or OKC. To the nameless imaginary person we accused..... my sincerest apologies.


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