Death Valley, CA

Once we arrived in Nevada from Yosemite, we were conflicted as to which stop to hit first...Death Valley or Las Vegas (don't ask).  Death Valley won, and I can't even describe what we saw -- it was completely otherworldly! Luckily, the temps weren't too bad (mid 90's) and there was a breeze blowing through. 

We drove the Twenty Mule Team Canyon, which was a lot of fun and again, otherworldly.  After finishing up the short 20 minute off-road trail, we drove up to the top of Dantes View, which words cannot describe, and I'm not really sure photos can either!  It was completely breathtaking, and a complete polar opposite to the majority of what we've seen so far in this trip (Glacier, Hurricane Ridge, etc).

Formations upon entering the park

Pano from atop Zabriskie Point

The oasis known as the Furnace Creek Visitor's Center

Furnace Creek, continued.

Driving through the Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Twenty Mule Team Canyon, continued (very fun little off-road drive, BTW).

Pano from atop Dantes View (stunning!)

Another Pano from Dantes View

A rock formation from atop the same (Dantes) view

Look at the spectacular colors and striations within the rocks


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