The Drama Continues

After publishing the last post, the leak got worse again. We decided to top off the fresh water tank and use the water pump until Shawn could get to the hardware store for more supplies. This morning he gets up to leave and checks his work schedule. Well, it is safe to say that he's had less than 15 minutes off phone calls this morning. As a matter of fact, the kids and I were forced to sleep in, a true hardship, because his first call came in so early. To make matter worse, he is in the process of interviewing people via phone to fill a couple of positions.

Back to the water drama. Shawn worked so late on the water pipes he couldn't see to pick up all his tools. This morning, after refilling the fresh water tank, when he went back outside to turn the water off at the outlet he stepped on a metal file that popped up and sliced into the stinky slinky.

We just bought that hose in Billings just over a month ago! Luckily you can turn it so it's still usable for washing hands but no tank dumping. The nearest town, that may or may not have one, is a 15 minutes drive but the nearest city is 45.

Meanwhile on to our instrument panel. It tells us everything is full when we know it's not. Just dumped your tank... it's full. Can't get water while using the water pump.... you must have turned the faucet the wrong way because that tank is full.

Shawn has finally departed for the hardware store. All I can say is I'm glad the RV park has showers and I'm pretty sure, unless Shawn lucks out on finding a new slinky, someone will be headed into the big city today. Oh yeah, and the chances of seeing my husband today just decreased... rapidly.


I've never tried it but someone mentioned hot glue will patch a slinky so it can be used. I carry a spare for emergencies.

You know, I ended up simply cutting it in half, and using a joiner to connect the two lengths, so all's good. I also figured out that you're supposed to sweat all your copper joints BEFORE you attach anything threaded, which is why my threaded joints are failing (even though they are tight and have compound on them).

it looks like next week (because I need a break) I will un-sweat one of the joints to drop the pipe, and I will unscrew everything and re-do it again!

Plumber in training, I admire your determination and willing to try new ways and yes a splice works only thing being it requires more parts that might not be readily available.
Depending on number of joints leaking, un-sweating and re-doing joints can be a problem, cutting the pipe and adding a coupling or union sometimes is easier.

Thanks for the advice -- I've thought about it quite a bit, and think I'm going to put the torch on the bottom sweated joint, which will allow the whole section to drop so that I can unscrew the external unit. Then I'm going to replace the copper 1/2 (sweated) to 3/4 threaded adapter, and sweat it on first!

Then I can completely disassemble and then reassemble the threaded shutoff valves and hose hookups with new tape and compound, then screw it on to the already sweated copper piece (this is where I messed up initially because I screwed it on then sweated it -- ruining the joint compound). Once it's on, then I an re-sweat the single interior piece.

This is the plan, anyway!

I.m not sure I understand exactly what you are describing, If the unit can be screwed on after the adapter is sweated, why can it not be removed the same way. The main problem with un sweating a joint iw water, also in sweating, a drop of water will turn to steam and will be impossible to make a leak proof joint. In un sweating will prevent the joint from coming apart. reason for adding a union, space permitting, is ability to do all joints with open pipe therefore eliminating water and installing the completed section to the unit.
Good luck,

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