Las Vegas....Help Us Please!!!

So, we've been to Vegas....not because we wanted to go, but because MY 9 YEAR OLD SON WANTED TO SEE THE LIGHTS!  So, we've spent the whole week at a park in Pahrump, NV (about an hour or so outside of Vegas, basically halfway between the strip and Death Valley) in the sun, baking in the 95+ sun so he could see the lights.  It was okay, we enjoyed ourselves, and got to see a lot of stuff that we wouldn't normally see -- plus it was in stark contrast to the quietness and peacefulness of DV.

I do have to go on record in saying that we don't like Pahrump, NV -- and hopefully no one reading this is either a) from Pahrump, NV or b) a huge fan of Pahrump, NV....there's just something depressing and desolate about this place, but to each their own.  What really bothered me more than anything is that you can gamble and get free drinks while doing so AT THE ALBERTSON'S GROCERY STORE...whatever?

Anyway, ranting done and over with.....tomorrow we hitch up and head out to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and hopefully cooler temperatures and better scenery!


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