Rest For The Road Weary

So an update. Shawn spliced the slinky and used a connector to fix the whole. The water drama continued until Sunday and Shawn finally master the plumbing....we hope. If it's still in one piece when we arrive at the next destination... then it's fixed.

I am not sure if others full timers would agree, but I'd found that in the last few weeks I was feeling off balance a bit from all the travel. We have only stopped two times for longer than a week in the last 17 weeks. I really can't believe it's been that long... 17 weeks in a 27ft Airstream. It had been over two months since our last extended stop. I know it might seem strange that hanging out for a week isn't restful enough but it seems that every so often having a week off from driving is appreciated. It was time for a break, I think.

The Park of The Sierras (Escapees CoOp park), so full of current and former full timers, has been a blessing to be at when we are so road weary. They welcomed us like we were old friends returning home after a long journey. I lost count of the invitations we received to the point that I couldn't remember who lives where.

The past 24 hours have been an indulgence for me. Since it won't be often that she gets to see her Dancing With The Stars anymore, I took my daughter down for a special TV watching session with another group of like minded ladies. I got this morning off from homeschooling (thanks Shawn) to get the laundry done (hey, laundry is my personal time). Then I spent 4 wonderful hours with the quilters of the Park of the Sierras. It was incredibly nice, no offense to my family, to spend a few hours with some women just hanging out.

We will get a picture post up soon of Yosemite. We didn't get to see the waterfalls because someone (me) pulled or strained a few muscles but we did see the trees!

Escapees CoOps are for Skp members


Sorry to read about the plumbing issues. Keep your chin up, though.


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