Something Is Always Wrong With The Mistress's Plumbing

The mistress has called again. Her plumbing is messed up..... again. Her plumbing is the bane of Shawn's existence. Every few weeks... well at least once a month... she springs a leak. The kids and I have learned to just walk away. Shawn and Minerva need time to work on their mutual problem.

Usually the problem is a minor thing, I won't say easily fixed because when it comes to the plumbing of Minerva ... nothing is easily fixed. However, it doesn't usually end with Shawn requesting the number of the in park repair man (Escapee CoOp park). Unfortunately, the guy never returned Shawn's call or showed up. Shawn ran down to the hardware store to get some pipe and he's been working on Minerva's hind end for a few hours now. You know the spot where the water comes IN to the trailer.

I am unsure of all the details but I can tell you that he removed some more WATER HOSE from the plumbing system, about 4 feet worth that was bunched around the water pressure thing and the dump valve. Is it normal to find copious amounts of water hose (at least it's from a drinking water and not garden hose) through out your trailer?

Due to the location of the repairs, the water had been cut off and we have been forbidden to use the water pump.... since before 4pm. It is almost 8pm and I think I may have heard the sound of the back compartment door closing... I think.....oh, no... I see light shining in from the cracks in the bathroom. I hear the squeak of something turning.....AHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!

If anyone sees my husband, please tell him the children and I miss him. Oh, and their just might be mini revolt if we don't get these chillens feed soon.........


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