Traveling Tinkering

As many of you know, things that work for weekend trips might not necessarily work for the long ones. Here are a few things we've added along the way.

Hooks. There are never enough hooks.

I know it's not the pretties thing in the world but our kids love stuffy toys. They play and sleep with them. Even the few small stuffy toys we allowed them to bring take up lots of storage space and this is our solution. Sometimes the practical has to out weight the aesthetic at least until the kids grow out of this phase.

Yes, even more hooks. However, this helps to keep the galley uncluttered and frees up space in the pantry.
Our kids have a special space all their own for putting mementos.
As promised, but never delivered, the new toilet.
For as long as we've had Minerva we've had one huge problem. After showering you had to wipe down the entire bathroom counter. The water collects there faster than a great dane can snatch a treat. Shawn found a thread on Airforums with this idea on it. Granted if you need to move the shower head for some reason it takes a bit of effort but the result is a lot less water left after a shower.

And finally, if there is one thing I miss about sticks and bricks it's Roses. Now it's ironic that I miss roses since I've not had a living bush in the last 4 years but I do. So about every 6 weeks I go pick me up some clearance Roses.

And that's all for now folks...


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