Windy Wending Words

We are horribly behind in our posts. Truthfully I'm not entirely sure why we haven't gotten the pictures uploaded but it might have something to do with this. We are fans of the original UK Top Gear and just got addicted to the US version as well. Top Gear US has both united and divided our family. It has united us with a love of the TV show but divided us down gender lines as to our favorite host on the show. Some of us live in Tannerland and others like to visit Rutledge World and every body likes to laugh when Adam The Vehicle Assassin attempts multiple counts of murder on his chosen ride. Anyway, there will be pictures from last week's field trips, I promise.

After a gorgeous drive down 101 from Netarts, OR to Crescent City, CA (Hiouchi RV Park) we spent Sunday and Monday collecting pictures for you guys & gals. Crescent City was both a stress filled week (school wise) and a recuperation period. Our visit in Netarts & Tillamook was not exactly restful. Peaceful, yes, but we were on the go too much to feel rested. So the slower pace we adapted at Crescent City was a blessing.

However the Monday off for Labour Day got us off to a late start on schooling and work. I hadn't realized until last week how important that Monday start was to school. Having Friday off from school (we are on a four day academic week with the fifth day, usually Sunday being dedicated to educational field trips) allows us all to really recharge our batteries and get Minerva ready for moving on Saturday.

As often happens with children and school, just as one adjusts to something the other one hits upon a snag. We had a few snags to deal with which led to some LONG school days. One thing I've learned about homeschooling - how little I remember from Elementary School and just how many faults I have. Ok, make that two things I've learned.

The long school days led to some intense late day packing on Friday for a 9am departure for Red Bluff, CA. As we were pulling out of our spot (literally) at Hiouchi a man asked us where we were going. When we told him, he laughed and told us what the temps had been two days prior and we became concerned.

For the first time, I didn't take a single picture of the drive. Once we exited 101 things got hairy. Honestly, I was trying to hold onto my small/limited breakfast of Chips-a-Hoy. How bad was it? Shawn had a headache from altitude and concentration. Not to mention the heeler hurled in her crate. Granted the reason she rides in the back of the truck is because she gets carsick if she's inside the truck....but she's a seasoned traveler. She's been going on trips for 6 1/2 years and never hurled when riding in her crate with the wind blowing smells into her nose, except for the colitis she had on the way to Montana. The roads were twisty, had nasty little switchbacks and plenty of up and down. We barely fell under the recommended trailer length by 3 feet. Frankly, next time I want a different road! My ears are still trying to figure out if I am up or down or all around.

We arrived in Red Bluff to find it's 106. We had not done our weather research prior to booking the campground. We decided to pay for an overnight stay and got online to find the temps were forecast to be around the upper 90's all week. We have suffered through temps this high and higher before. It's not fun. Minerva's A/C will barely keep us cool and having all 6 of us stuck in the trailer, due to high temps, for a week really wasn't on my to do list this week. After some careful research and discussion we decided not to hook up anything but the electricity and head out again on Sunday...and yes, we (as in Shawn) had to bathe the dog!

Sunday morning we rise and head out. Let me just state that it's on these quick overnight stops that I regret that we don't have grey water tanks. The other 99 percent of the time the lack of them doesn't matter but on the short overnights when it's not worth even getting your blue boy out much less hooking up the slinky... I long intensely for grey water tanks.

Five hours later we arrive at our destination, somewhere near Yosemite. It's a heavenly slice of land. The RV park roads wind around allowing for more than your usual amount of privacy. Although, it's sites are level it's roads are not. It's more like a state park than the usual RV Resort.

The heeler still had not recovered from her stomach problems. She had another accident, requiring another bath, in her crate and then proceeded to puke on her bed, Drake's bed, two floor mats and a shoelace from a boot. Unfortunately, very few RV parks allow you to wash your pet's bedding and the puke had soaked into the foam cushion. The Dane becomes extremely unhappy when he doesn't have a nice cushy bed. In your face, do something about it unhappy. With his large rib cages beds are a necessity. Petco here we come. Sasha is currently on home cooked rice to help her stomach recover. We are also contemplating hanging out here for an additional week to get a break from the traveling since we did two weeks worth in two days. Sometimes I think you have to stop and take a break, it's just needed.

We had to make a stop at Walmart in order to replace the floor mats. We got rubber backed and water hose washable this time. While there we took a stroll around the store. These strolls are funny to us as they remind us of all the stuff we "had" to have in a regular house but don't require in Minerva. As I was strolling through the craft section, as is my habit in any store containing one, I had a sudden homesick feeling.

I wasn't homesick for a house but for my crafting. Ok, so I miss my treadle quite a bit. It seems that since we've departed, I have hardly made time for crafting of any kind. Suddenly I realized how much I miss it and how lost I'd been feeling without it. Crafting, quilting in particular, is a need. Like all needs it comes and goes. Most of the time it's a steady stream, other's it's a gyser, but lately it's been a dried up creek bed. I decided to get out that ole hexagon quilt and get to stitching. I've felt better all day. I will post some pictures, for those interested, once I get the blocks ironed.... yes, I iron but only quilts blocks.

That's it... I'm done... for now...

Except to say a huge thank you for the person that invented the daisy chain water outlet. Thanks to this person we did not have to let the heeler inside to bathe her. Whomever you are.... I hope you are blessed! Although, we still ended up with puke in the trailer.

Now someone just needs to invent a device that gives you at least a five minute warning that your dog is gonna hurl!


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