Well, we are back in Texas now. If we were confused the smell of cow dung blowing in the wind would tell us all we needed to know. We've finished the big summer/early fall tour of the west. I find myself in a bittersweet frame of mind on making it back to Texas.

I am ready to tease my mother-in-law about anything, annoy my father-in-law on politics, and sit down at my friend's table with a cup of coffee to discuss men, children, marriage, and life (fire up those coffee pots ladies). I'm ready for a haircut (my split ends have split ends that have split ends....) and maybe even a day of pampering at some spa(hint, hint Shawn). I'm ready for a good dose of the familiar.

However, along with that I also feel a bit let down to know that there isn't some great spectacular thing to go see, that the only mileage we put on Minerva and Rose from now until spring will be due to holiday visits or because we just can't sit still. It will be hard having to hold off on the desire to find the next thing to blow my mind or touch my soul with its beauty (Hurricane Ridge or Glacier), splendor (Redwoods), vastness (Grand Canyon) or even history/tragedy (Battle Of Little Bighorn). No surprise discoveries to find out about ourselves (that we enjoy walking through caves).....well I feel almost without a goal.

Don't get me wrong, we do plan to find things to travel to and see during the winter and I know we will find some of the things listed above but I also know in my mind that winter will be a time to plan for next year. It will also be a time to rest, soak in the familiar, and just be. Yet, somehow I already miss moving our home and mostly I think I miss having an agenda.


The adventure is wherever you are, you just need to recognize it. Please take care of those split ends....

oh, and go eat some brisket for me...

Those split ends have to wait a few more weeks till we get into Fort Worth. Trust me, in Washington we saw what happens to a women who goes to some random hairstylest.... she refused to return home until her hair grew out.

We have been craving some BBQ for weeks. Swadley's here we come....next week!

I know the adventure isn't over but just a little sad to have the first part officially over. But I am pretty sure next year will be better.....

I share your feelings about returning home. I'm finding it difficult to sit Dow and write something for the blog about the last few days of our trip.

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