Hanging Our Heads

To the other Airstreams that were parked in the same RV park as us this week (literally 4 slots down and across the street, we'd like to apologize. You see we just didn't have any spare time to visit and when we did it rained.

There really isn't much relaxing about stopping in OKC for us. There is work to tend to, laundry to do and children to school. Then there are several trips to storage because you forget to put things in or take them out of storage. There are trips to donations centers to drop off out grown clothes. There are trips to the mall because... well frankly, they have a Disney store. There are play dates to arrange and attend with at least 3 or 4 of the kids friends. There are routine doctors visits to see to. There are our favorite restaurants to eat at. Suddenly we saw you packing to leave this morning and we still couldn't get over to say hi/goodbye.


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