Lesson Learned

Here is a list of the things we learned in our first 5 months on the road:

  1. Mileage on paper is vastly different from driving the same mileage on the road.
  2. Understand that unless you spend a month visiting one place you just can't see everything.
  3. Don't set deadlines to return or visit people as it limits what you can do and see.
  4. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
  5. Ask for alone time when you need it.
  6. Deal with problems head on, allowing them to fester in a small space isn't good.
  7. Be flexible in scheduling. We missed so many things because of this and #3.
  8. Check local weather before arriving
  9. Laundry requires scheduling and takes some time.
  10. Stop and rest for more than a week every so often
  11. Listen to other full timers... they are a great resource.
  12. Take a Ranger led tour when visiting your national parks. They bring history and nature to life.
  13. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy everything.
  14. Patience with ourselves and others
  15. People who don't pull trailers have no idea how crazy it is to cut someone off who is pulling a trailer.
  16. It is amazing what you can live without
  17. Enjoy

In all our stops at National Parks and Monuments we have found a few books.

We are currently reading this one with our kids. Oh Ranger! So far it's been about funny animal encounters but we are starting the section on exploration this week.

Now an adult book on Rangers. Ranger Confidential. I have finished this book and Shawn is currently reading it. I will warn it can be a bit gruesome but it is a very honest look into what Ranger's lives can be like. It is also informative since there are more than one type of ranger.


I agree with al your points. We are still a little too close to our adventure to develop our ow list, but I'm sure they will be similar.

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