Snowin' in Arizona...

So, it snowed.  It snowed on us, while at the grand canyon -- who woulda thought!  Now seriously, we knew it "could" happen, after all this campground closes for the year next week, and I know that the road into the North Rim shuts down at the end of the month...but, this is what we woke up to this morning:

It was and still is quite beautiful, and there's supposed to be another 2 or so inches before we leave on Saturday -- but it's supposed to be sunny and 50 for departure (I hope, anyway).

Also of note, there are 2 other airstreamers "stuck" here with us, they popped in for the night coming from the WBCCI balloon rally, and decided to "stay" a few days more!


Kids must have had a good time, remembering when I was a kid and first snow was always a new experience. Now I can do without but still it brings back great memories just seeing pictures of the white stuff.

Well they did and they didn't. We don't have any snow gear and it was so cold that they couldn't play in it....

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