The Three To Six Month Storage Dump & Retrieval Mission

It was time again. Time for the three/six month storage dump/retrieval mission. The process starts by having clothes tryouts and ends with a trip to Goodwill/Salvation Army Donation Center. It includes a, hopefully, very thorough inventory of Minerva's contents. So far, because we are new to this lifestyle, each time we have taking more stuff back to storage.

Items cleaned out of Minvera:
  1. A grocery bag or two full of unused kitchen gadgets.
  2. 3 or 4 bags of clothes to be donated.
  3. A few new books (from the one of the two authors I refuse to get on Kindle.
  4. the school book dump/retrieval mission
  5. a few bags of summer clothing that should fit next year
Items cleaned out of storage:
  1. Two thick winter coats that should not be needed, we don't have room for in the trailer and will not fit next year
  2. a medium zip lock storage bag overstuffed with unworn/un-needed clothing
What we didn't find was the perfectly good pair of shoes for our son, the other half of every pair of winter gloves, and any resemblance to organization in the storage shed. We did find that neither of us was looking forward to emptying the storage shed anytime soon.

Not so secretly, I long for the day when we have gotten all our ducks in a row and don't need this mission......


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