A Much Needed Week

This past week was a much needed week for everyone including the ones we visited. We stayed at one of our favorite camping spots. The amenities include free campsites, a walk across the yard for showers, electricity, a lack of cell phone connectivity (for me), trick or treating, a ten minute drive to the dump station, jointly cooked dinners and built in babysitters. That's right we were at Memaws for 7.5 wonderful days.

Granted the itchy wandering feet, the wander lust, and the "anticipation of seeing something new" addiction kicked in around Thursday. We took a 45 minutes drive down to look at new Airstreams to help alleviate the symptoms.

I managed, with Memaws guidance, to alter my daughter sheets to make them fit the bed better. I pieced quilt blocks.

Shawn worked on the control center. He replaced the old (hot bulbs) with new colorful led bulbs. The old bulb for the water pump was trying to melt the plastic. Then we woke up and the bedroom lights wouldn't come on (for once not related to the repair). Apparently, I put a foil chip bag on something in the pantry that caused a short to the bedroom. Shawn moved the chip bag and got the lights working. He has bought a multimeter and will be looking into the pantry wiring tomorrow.

Now we are parked in another one of my favorite campsites. The amenities include friendship, kids to play with, dogs/cats/chickens/roosters, laughter and full hookups.....yes, I finally get to use my own shower again!! (Funny how I couldn't wait to take a shower in a "real" bathroom but I missed the convenience of my own shower.)


You seem to be enjoying every aspect of the challenge!

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