Quilting In An Airstream

Here is a shot of my "working space" all set up and ready to go. The computer by the way is absolutely necessary as I like music while I work.
After I had sewn 25 strips together and folded them neatly to store away.
Now for the part where I am sure some of the guys will laugh. As you can see, the quilt top will actually be wider than Minerva when all pieced. We both got a chuckle out of this when we held it up but there is a method to my madness. Roll and Tuckability. I wanted something both wide and long enough that we could avoid the blanket thief....you know who you are. Denial doesn't work. Actually, everyone turns into one on a cold night. You wake up cold, grab the quilt/blanket roll over and tuck said quilt/blanket under your body and thus steal the covers from your spouse. I wanted to make SURE we don't have this problem with the new quilt.
To be exact it will measure 80 x 100 for a full/double bed before quilting. It will shrink some in the quilting process but if anyone claims there is a blanket thief from once this is done.......

PS. I must choose my quilting days carefully since I take up so much room. It must be pretty enough for the kids to play outside for several hours.


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