Randomness or Unfocusedness

This past week was another week of visiting. The only thing I can really say about it is that I finally got my hair cut. I wont talk about those friends who I know don't want to be mentioned online.

I did some more quilt piecing and if I ever get iPhoto downloaded and upgraded I'll share them. Even the men will enjoy the pictures...I think.

We are currently in a small town park in Texas living through our second week of this month without full hookups.

We have seen the oldest still operating Dr Pepper bottling company in the US. Sorry we forgot to take the camera but there would have only been about 10 photo.

We walked through what had to be one of the dirtiest flea market booths EVER.

Tomorrow is a big day for Minerva. She's going to get her bearings repacked at a Airstream Dealership. We are going to take the opportunity to drive by the dump station as well.

Can I just state that:
  1. with 4 people, even doing navy showers, a blue boy fills up FAST!
  2. sadly, not everyone you love can be truly happy about your lifestyle
  3. piecing quilts in the trailer is not as difficult as I had thought
  4. when you are accustomed to small spaces hanging out in a "large" one is a bit overwhelming
  5. if you ignore the itchy wandering feet too long... it leads to some irritability.


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