Realistically We Knew It Would Happen

Realistically we knew it would happen. We knew it would likely be soon but we weren't prepared for it. So now the debate has started. Why you ask.... well the pictures tell the tale.

Our 1941 Magic Chef Oven has been on the fritz. Occasionally misbehaving, yet always eventually lighting... until this morning. With biscuits (from the tube) on the tray, the pilot lit, but the rest of the flames refused to ignite. Shawn took a look (above) and the outcome is murky.

Apparently the thermo coupler is out (according to Shawn and someone he talked to on the phone). There is a possibility of replacing the broken unit BUT it would take 3 weeks. Three weeks is technically doable but are we throwing money away on a temporary fix. However, apparently if you live in California the broken coupler or something related to it has been banned.

The decision would be easy but for this:
  1. we love the oven
  2. would HAVE to be connected to electric to use the oven if we took out the Magic Chef
  3. in the winter it would help heat the trailer (unnecessary but still)
  4. it's vintage
Cons -
  1. we full time so we use the oven almost every other day
  2. three weeks waiting for the part would be an eternity
  3. realistically with so much use how much longer would the fixed Magic Chef survive
  4. a microwave/convection oven in the trailer is tempting
  5. one less thing sucking down propane
  6. A vintage Magic Chef doesn't exactly cook evenly
  7. microwave/convection oven wouldn't heat up the trailer in the summer (which means we don't have to wait till 7pm to cook dinner
  8. One less pilot to light
  9. One less thing to worry about breaking
  10. One less thing to worry about burning hands/arms/finger on.
Oh...jeez. I reached 10 on the cons and less than five on the pros. I think I know which way this is gonna go.....but if you are out there reading, sound off and tell me what YOU would do.

****Due to the location of the furnace, it would be difficult to purchase a stove/oven propane unit.******


You know what we did to our ours. We hated the wall oven. Our furnace is not original, maybe ours is shorter? because we did the range / oven combo above the furnace in the counter / cabinets. The new range kicks the %$#%^ out of the original range and, well, the oven pretty much rocks, too. And all can be used while boondocking and/or stopped at a rest stop.

I want one like yours....just need tp replace the furnace first

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