Renovator's Post

You renovator's will be happy today. This will also be a huge experiment for us since it will be the first renovation done while living in Minerva.

Now to start the tale. Shawn and I suddenly fell out of love with our vintage oven last night. He purchased a lovely convection counter top oven to replace the dead magic chef. This morning marked the removal of the old oven and man that thing is heavy and awkward. After it was removed this is what we are left with.

The original plan was to reinstall the box covering the back of the oven and use it to store things like bread and chips. However, when I walked to the back of the trailer and saw this:
My mind went on a serious side trip of "what ifs". Even though we promised ourselves we would not get too stuck in the "She's original and we don't want to change her" attitude, we have always had a bit of a battle between keeping Minerva in her vintage glory and making her fit the needs of a fulltiming family of four. This time the needs of the fulltiming family of four and the "what if's" won. You see we have a serious, but necessary, electronic cords issue. You see that outlet in the picture above... well it's never been easy to access. Both Shawn and I started thinking that several small shelves would help solve our cord issue as well as provide more space on the couch. Trust me... we squeeze four people back there to watch movies that six inches will be heavenly to spread out in.

Meanwhile take a look at that extra counter space. It may not look like much but we will no longer have to put the coffee machine away every day when we cook. It's the small things....
Here is Shawn demonstrating how we needed something to brace that open section with since it was causing a bow in the divider wall.
The plan is to go to Ace hardware and pick up a cap for the gas line as well as the supplies needed to support the wall, mend the hole, and make the small shelves.


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