A Series of Mishaps

We have over the last few days had a series of mishaps. Nothing major, just little mishaps ... although water dripping inside isn't really a mishap, just unfortunate.

Where should we start? Well, how about with the dog and the thunderstorm. The thunderstorm scares the dog. The dog jumps on the bed (I told Shawn I saw a white face glancing out the bedroom window). Shawn goes out and removes dog from bed and blocks the hallway stopping the access to the bedroom. Shawn comes back across the yard to his mom's house. Dog (Great Dane) jumps over the three foot tall bin which houses his food, between the curtain and the wall (on the snap side) on to the bed. Shawn decides to go back out to check on dog when storm lets up. Shawn does not return. The kids and I decide to come home between waves of bad lighting. We find the dog hanging his head in shame and Shawn blowdrying a quilt from the bedroom. Strangely, the two are unrelated. A few minutes later on of the kids say, "Look Daddy the door to the closet is broken"....... silence.

First the water -
At Shawn's parents house we can't get the trailer perfectly level front to back. There is always a slight slant and Minerva doesn't like that slant. When we are slightly slanted backwards and get driving rain, water starts to drip on to our bed, forcing us to use the blow dryer to dry the quilt. I went to sleep with a towel stretched from upper cabinet to upper cabinet with a bath mat on top of it and the vent cover.

Second the Broken Door -
Apparently, in his futile bid to avoid another episode of "SHAME", the Great Dane had jumped off the bed and hit the door with his bum. Thus leaving a butt shaped crack in the laminate door, though thankfully not the size of his bum.

Fast forward to today -
I was doing laundry (shocking, I know) when both kids come across to Memaw's doing the walk of shame. Our daughter is almost in tears. She comes forward and tells me she broke the table in the trailer. I get them settled on the couches and run across to see the carnage. Shawn was not so calmly reattaching everything to the wall. Apparently, she'd leaned too hard onto the shelf supporting the table and caused the entire assembly to fall forward. However, all is well and improvements are in the works.....

Happy Thanksgiving ....right?


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