Abnormal Week

It's been a bit of a weird week for us. I have been, mostly, gone from the trailer for all but one school morning. It was the Laundry. Monday was normal Laundry day, Tuesday I was home, Wednesday it was sheets and pillow cases Laundry day, the Thursday the dog got on some blankets so it was quilt Laundry day. Frankly, I'm a bit tired of the laundry room here. I'm ready to see another Laundry Room.... any other Laundry room would do.

Shawn has stepped up to monitor the kids homeschooling while I sat in the Laundry room. The kids have been spectacularly good about their school work this week.... see very abnormal.

Then it was such mundane things as washing the dogs. It was finally warm enough to take them outside and bathe them as opposed to paying $20 a dog. I wonder if anyone has managed to get a Great Dane into a 1970's tub for a wash but I was not willing to be the first to try it. (Frank, are you laughing at that mental picture? If not you should be.)

We do have some pictures to download to the computer, upload to the blog, and write about but we just haven't gotten that far.


I copied this profile from a blog and thought you might be interested as one of his likes, is rebuilding old Airstreams.I'll post a link to his blog in the next post as it might be considered spam and not show up.
Boondocking, Dry Camping, and Public Lands Forum of the RV.NET Open Roads Forum. My interests include music (I play guitar), writing (I've written a book and several pieces for Airstream Life), genealogy, history, preparedness, college football, and travel. I also enjoy camping, hiking and fishing in the great outdoors with my beautiful wife and restoring Airstream travel trailers. I retired from the Navy in 2004 after 24 years of service.

Here is the link,hope it workshttp://mellomikeswolfcreekcamper.blogspot.com/

Yeah....this is MelloMike on airforums, where he's quite a prolific poster :)

I cannot even inset Great Dane into trailer mentally and now you want me to visualize a Great Dane in a 70' tub?

You only have 7 months and you will get to see a Great Dane in a trailer. We might even try to get him into the 1970's tub for you entertainment.

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