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We arrived at 8am and departed at 6pm for the repacking of the bearings. Now many would have gotten upset but it really was just a pile of complications working against the poor service tech. Minerva was NOT nice to him today.

First the simple repacking became replacing. Two of the four bearings where badly discolored and had several different types (colors) of grease. We decided for the safety of our family to replace all four. Then replacing became finding the parts. Naturally, someone came and took the needed bearings right before the tech went to get the ones for Minerva. Then the parts store had to go to the NAPA warehouse in order to find four of them. The needed guy at the warehouse wasn't available when the call first came in. As you can imagine this took some time. Minerva's shoes were difficult today.

As we are waiting, we walked the dogs by Minerva. We both wondered why they had loosened the propane tanks but at this point we were more worried about walking the dogs and then getting lunch.

Many, many hours after arriving, I look around the building to see the bearings were replaced and the wheels where back on. I did notice Shawn and the service tech looking at the propane bottles. I wander over to take a look. Apparently the tech hadn't loosened the bottles and had wondered why we had done so. The plate underneath one had come undone and the gas line was crushed. It was fixed, a new regulator installed, new gas lines put in place, and our bottles refilled which took up another hour or so. The tech had to make a run to the hardware store, as well, since most if not all our gas equipment was still 70's in manufacture. You know 1970's and 2011 plumbing doesn't exactly speak to each other. At 6pm we finally departed for our four mile return trip to the RV park.

Why, are you wondering, aren't we upset?

"Welcome to the real world, where most of the time things don't go your @#$% way." Anyone know what movie that's from? It's a holiday must in our family... after the kids are sound asleep.

Anyway, what should have been a simple bearing repacking turned into a drama for the service guys and why should I add to their already miserable day. It's not as if they wanted to spend the entire day chasing down parts, have 4 people, one small dog, and one horse sized dog wandering around their service center all day. As for the propane bottle plate, well it was fixed entirely and we got the exterior gas system almost entirely replaced, and two refilled propane bottles at no cost to us.

Truthfully, we'd take Minerva back there.


welcome to life of a trailer restorer....

We felt so bad for the poor guy -- he was the only a/s factory trained tech in the place, and whenever any airstream (new or old) came in, he "had" to perform the work. We're not exactly sure what happened, but one minute the plate was fine, and a bit later in the day, it was bent, wouldn't hold the tanks, and the lines were crushed. Accidents do happen, and it sure wasn't his fault -- under the table I gave him what I had in my wallet to cover dinner for the extra hour he worked.

All I can say is, what good luck you had.Here is a line I copied from a blog post I will post a link to: Once the fire was out, the firemen carried out a few items for us. They were covered with smoke, some melted like our main camera, and the odor is one we’ll never forget.

The fire Marshall arrived and later told us that it appeared to be a wheel bearing which locked up, causing the tire to simply drag until it caught fire and blew.



that is very eye opening and yes we were quite lucky considering all the mountains grades we have done in the last 6 months. I read his journal up to delivery of their new home and we have decided we need to do a content list of our own. Thanks for sharing that one with us!

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