Random Blatherings...Nuff Said.

Can anyone say cold? Or freezing? Or if you live in the northern states just call me a wimp.... I don't care. It's a mite bit cold here and they are predicting it to get down 27 tonight. It's already 31 outside. If anyone ever tells you South East Texas is hot or remotely warm in the winter.... they lie. The dogs don't even want to go outside tonight....nuff said.

I took a bath tonight. Yes, I took an honest to goodness bath in Minerva. It can be done. It's the first time anyone has tried out the tub. Let me just say, if you're a parent bathing an infant, a child wanting to play in the water or an adult suffering from hypothermia it will get the job done... but that's pretty much all. The hot water tank was empty when it was less than half way full... nuff said.

Shawn and I have been discussing hitches today. The hitch we bought is an WD hitch and we have a friction sway control device but we bought it before we hit the road on a grand adventure. We are throwing around the idea of buying an "upgraded" hitch system. We talked safety, ease of hitching but you know what got my attention.... it might add enough space to allow us to get the dogs in and out of the truck without UNHITCHING the trailer. It's the small things that make me happy....nuff said.

We also managed to get the next three weeks of travel planned out. Considering the cold temps we would, in theory, like to head to warmth but since there really isn't any to be found within a reasonable driving distance of our Christmas destination we had to forgo the pleasure. We can just say that it took some time to decide....nuff said.

Does anyone know what movie "nuff said" is from? I'd give a prize but I don't have any...nuff said.


..with those cold temps the only advantage Texas has right now is the BBQ.

I think I'm going to need some BBQ now. You've made me hungry for it first thing this morning.

Mr. T.J.
It was indeed one of those Ocean's movies.

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