Repacking the Bearings - The Joy

I know it's only been six days since I last posted but it seems six eons. It would appear that I like traveling more than I like sitting still. We finally moved 1.5 hours south of Shawn's parents house. It was a bit painful to say goodbye but after spending 4 of the last five weeks making scheduling compromises I am ready to get back into OUR schedule.

As for right now, we are in Denton. We are sitting in the local Airstream Dealer/Service center waiting on our bearings to get repacked. Naturally, we arrived just before 8am. It's around 9:30 and they have just told us that they are waiting on the part to arrive and it will probably be around noon before the job is done.

It's not their fault. They got us in immediately. There was a magnet hanging on one of the front wheels (no brakes on that tire). Then he had to make a call about a seal that he didn't have a part number. Now he's come in and shown us that the bearing on the one wheel he's gotten off had been burned. There was something about three different colors of grease and he's pretty sure the other three bearings will be in the same condition. For safety, we will be replacing all the bearings.

Meanwhile the kids and I have checked out the new airstreams. They sure are purty.

It's cold in Denton. I'm dreaming of at least 68 degrees. Heck I'm dreaming about the coast of somewhere warm.... who cares if it's beautiful.... just warm.


I would enjoy a picture or two of what they consider a bad bearing.


I didn't take a picture of it but one of them was severely discolored and almost dark brown from heat. As a precaution, we collectively decided to go ahead an replace them all.

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