White Knuckled Woman On The Road

I had another stint at driving Minerva yesterday. I strongly believe that I should get experience with towing. You know, in case there is ever an emergency or maybe someday when we have a sticks and bricks I may want to have a girls "camping" out trip.

I lasted about one hour but I did learn a little.
  1. I don't use the side mirrors in my normal day to day driving.
  2. I did use the rear view mirror but it is now unusable (see the large dog crate).
  3. I drive long distances so infrequently that I'm still not accustomed to driving the truck at anything over 55. My usual distance is from the trailer to the Laundromat.
  4. I have a "slight" fear of being passed by big rigs while towing.
  5. I normally drive closer to the center of the road than most people.
  6. Your hands can start aching about 15 minutes into the drive.
  7. I have a certain blind spot for speed limit signs, as in I don't see them.
  8. I never realized how hard it was to maintain a regular speed while towing. I'm either lead footed or slow footed.
  9. Hair accessories can impede the ability to check those side mirrors.
  10. I prefer being the passenger.
When we arrived at our current destination the dog food bin had overturned and spilled its contents. Now Shawn would like to claim it was my fault and frankly, I can't really argue. Since it was the first time I'd actually driven Minerva while actually making turns and it was the first time the dog food had spilled as well.


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