Floor Almost Done......

Shawn go the last of the floor laid.  We FINALLY have flooring!!  I really can't tell you how exciting this is for us.  It really changes the look of the Airstream.

On one of the Airforums threads, Shawn saw were someone used rope as trim/base boards.  We like the idea so much we decided to use it too.  There was a lot of hammering and some drilling too.

At least until he broke the drill bit...

 The front room, sans dogs and kids................

The bedroom finished... 


It looks beautiful - I love the rope detail

It looks great!, I used rope to trim our floor. It's black/white terrazzo from Ikea so we used black synthetic rope which we glued down. Seems to be staying put so far.

We didn't have the advantage of working around two kids and two dogs during installation . Keep up the great work--I love reading about you adventures!

Disney Sue

Rope just seemed to be the easiest answer to the trim problem.

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