Fullfillin Another Dream

I am not completely sure when my obsession with NASA started but it might have something to do with a flyer that was all about Space Camp   It was certainly sealed by that movie called "Space Camp".  Unfortunately, my mother wouldn't spring the $350 dollars for me to spend a week playing astronaut but I've always wanted to go to Johnson Space Center.  Anyway, we finally managed to make that one happen.  

The mural on the wall at the Tram Tour loading area-

This building houses, on loan from the Smithsonian, an actual Saturn V Rocket..
Mission Control-
Space Shuttle Mission Control (I really wanted to see the Apollo Control...but it is still mission control)-
If you look in the back corner you will see lights shining on some plaques.  Those are for the missions that are still ongoing ...the ones that will never return.
Our next stop is the astronaut training facility...a mock up of the International Space Station-

This is shuttle training equipment is headed to a museum somewhere -

The new rover will house a few astronauts for about 14 days -
Here you go boys.... ROCKETS!

Finally to that Saturn V I teased you with earlier.  Massive, titanic, gargantuan... don't really cover it.  It was also my son's FAVORITE THING!

Now we are going to head back into JSC (Johnson Space Center Museum)-
Inside a mock up of the Space Shuttle-
A random Skylab mock up picture -
Lunar Capsule -

We spent about almost six hours.  We missed a movie or two and the playground but we did enough to satisfy the dream.  Well not the one about going to space camp but.....some things just weren't meant to be!


at the Bash you get to be a rocket scientist and control central if you want...

Rocket Scientist and mission control....mmmmm... sounds like a blast!

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