Happy New Year... a Little Late

Happy New Year.  I know it's a day late but New Years was a little different for us this year.  We, despite a few miles difference between the Brother-in-Laws and the trailer (10 min drive), opted to stay at his house.  One might think it was the drunk drivers but it wasn't it was all the fog.  Yes, I said fog in San Antonio.  It wasn't your run of the mill fog either.  It was really a smoke cloud.

You see these people, to quote my sister-in-law, get redonkulous with the fireworks.  We had fireworks, expensive ones, going off around us.  It was like going to a firework show in "the round".  You could simply just turn around in circles and see the most spectacular display.  I was rerouted around one street by some guy with a roman candle just so I wouldn't run over his waiting firework display.  Seconds before Midnight they started going off and it was still going on 20 minutes later.  Soon enough the smoke cloud rolled in.  As a matter of fact, the drunk next door neighbors were still shooting off blackcats at 3am but that's another story.  I have pictures for you, from my phone.  Yes, there were fireworks enough to snap them with a camera phone.  However, I haven't gotten a chance to download them yet.

Right now we are heading to the beach.  We are in desperate need of some "it's only us" family time.  Since Halloween we have only been on our own about 3 weeks.


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