Port Aransas, TX

We enjoyed a spectacularly relaxing week at Port Aransas, TX.  It was peaceful and in hindsight we wished we'd stayed another week.  It was the perfect place to escape to after all that visiting we'd been doing.

Our first walk on the beach-

These were taken by our neighbor while we were enjoying a campfire on the beach for our last night there.


Aransas you probably already know is the wintering grounds for most of the world's Whooping Cranes. Some great volunteers are trying to establish another Florida wintering ground to preclude a natural disaster wiping out the "winter Texans". New chicks fly south along this eastern route following ultralight airplanes flown by guys in crane costumes. Seriously. you can read all about it here. http://www.operationmigration.org/index.html In a couple days they will pass near our house in Alabama. We hope to be at one of the "flyover sites" to cheer them on.

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