Port Isabel

We, sadly, left Port Aransas to head to South Padre Island.  We had full-timing friends in a nearby town whom we wanted to visit with.  While here we decided to visit the historic lighthouse.

The historical marker located in front of the lighthouse keeper's house.  Unfortunately, the house and museum were closed but we did get to go up into the lighthouse.
Old Point Isabel Lighthouse.

There were 47 steps followed by by two separate ladders to climb.  No, I  didn't count them.  It said so on  a sign but our son thought it was about 2,000 of them.
The view from the catwalk looking towards South Padre Island.

The steps down......... now there was about 400,000 of them.

After visiting the top of the lighthouse, we decided to take the kids on the "Pirate Cruise".
Well it was large....
See I told ya....the World's Largest Fly Rod.....
His pirate name was Will Some.
Will Some was crazy.... that's all I'm saying.  He eat fire for about 20 minutes.... child disclaimer was included.
This one he lit of the fire stick.
The this one he lit off a little fire in his bare hand
Little fire gets bigger...
and bigger....
Ahoy there me hearties.... want to go on a pirate cruise?
The Black Dragon where the kids became official Pirates.    Although not cheap, we laughed ourselves silly for two hours.  I got my "bathday"... which is how these pirates celebrate Birthdays.  The kids participated in water pistol fights, sword fighting lessons, a treasure hunt and a little pirate named Stinky was flirty with our girl!

Ahoy.... DOLPHIN!

Sailboat about to get attacked by pirates.....


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