San Jose Mission in San Antonio

While visiting Shawn's brother in San Antonio we found ourselves parked just a mile or so from the Mission San Jose National Historical Park.  Naturally they had Junior Ranger Badges and naturally we just had to get one.  Once again we are off on a mission to collect our number 16.  (We do these to supplement the kids education....not just to collect the badges, but the kids don't realize this.)

This Mission still has an active church in it.

A collection of baskets.
This Mission is mostly restored, I think the Ranger said 70% was restored.  You can tell by the color of the stones.  The darker ones were newer and the lighter ones are the older.
More than one type of religion resided in these walls.  This accounts for the different shapes of the windows and arches.
The very popular Rose Window.  People come from all around to view it.
A remaining piece of Fresco.  I actually prefer the rough stone work but admit they were excellent artisans.
This is a picture of a staircase that collapsed sometime in the past.  One of the parishioners of the church took the pieces home and rebuilt the stair case.  It is completely unsupported by any thing other than itself but members of the church still use it.
The entrance to the church.  Those are the most beautiful doors.  Apparently each of the statues has a meaning.
A close up of another Rose Window, the one above the Church Door.
They have a working mill in the mission.  They have volunteers who demonstrate how it works.
The water that feeds the mills water wheel.
The outside of the mill.
The view near the outer wall across the yard towards the church building.


If still in San Antonio, drive a few miles South on the mission trail. San Jose is beautiful, but the ones going South are very very special and not very visited. If you head East after this, make sure you check out the painted churches of East Texas between you and Houston.

No longer in San Antonio and we did briefly visite the San Juan Mission but it was closed on the day we went. However we will be back in the area... I will have to do some research on these painted churches..

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