Be Gone Green Paint... Be Gone

Shawn and I rarely plan home improvements.  When we try, we discussed it to death then decide to wait.  Then the wait abruptly ends after a five minute discussion months or ever years later.  The gist of the latest  five minute discussion was the time has finally come to do something about the floor.  We'd originally planned to put some kind of flooring in but in the end just painted it with green deck paint.  The green deck paint had worked well with two kids and two dogs but it is peeling rather badly in certain spots.  Mostly where Drake (pictured below) jumps into/out off the trailer and where he stretches his legs.  The sand from our coastal visits had not helped the situation.  After going to the movies, we headed to Home Depot, a floor retailer, and finally to Lowe's.  Lowe's had something we thought would work at a price much better than the floor retailer (half the price to be exact).  

We decided to start laying the floor at around 6pm last night.  I know.. we should have known better...

Your before picture-
 The first box-
 Shawn has a wonderful workshop... doesn't he?
 The excitement of the second plank going in, sorry couldn't get a good picture of the first one as it's on the side of the gaucho coucho-
 Small progress-
 Then I got tired/distracted/something and put the camera down.  I had intended to help him lay the floor but there really isn't a lot of space or need for help with our vinyl sticky floor.  Unless you consider handing him new strips helpful.
 At this point, we needed to move Drake from the bedroom to the living room.  He looks so happy to have his home in upheaval.
 Wow!  I got an actual picture of Shawn doing some work.... will wonders never cease!  At this point we are just working to get the front done so the kids could get to bed.... at a very late 10:30.
 It took a record 2 minutes for all four of them to drift off to dreams...
 We had planned to soldier through and finish but exhaustion set in.  We had been on the go most of day, Shawn had to remove some of the furniture to lay the floor and he had been working for about 4-5 hours on the floor.  So we decided to leave this part unfinished until today.  Shawn will be working on this sometime today.  I hope to have pictures for you later.....


Looking good, clocks and excitement about a new project tends to favor excitement rather then the clock.

I'm just so happy to have a real floor!

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