Yes, Despite the Lack of Photos.... We do Have Children.

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"I feel like getting on to the both of you. You appear to want this blog to be about a FAMILY adventure. An occasional picture of your kids in unfocused settings will not endanger them. The dirty toilet in one of the above images was not appealing. Who do you want to know what you are up to, and what do want to share?"

First, the dirty toilet was behind a glass window.  Second it was rust.  Third sorry if it offended you.  Fourth there is a joke there but I won't go there... even though it pains me to keep it to myself.

Now for the kids.

For everyone reading it's a harmless travel blog about two adults, two kids, and two dogs who hit the road in an Airstream.  For us it's our life.  The mental and physical safety and health of my kids overrides everything and everyone else.  I have no illusions as to what this world contains both good and bad.  I choose to err on the side of caution.

When this blog started it was more about the renovation of Minerva than about anything else.  Naturally, our kids had very little to do with that process.  Then things changed and we, as parents, had to make a decision about posting pictures of our kids.  We discussed several things that caused us to decide against posting pictures of our kids.

I am an avid follower of several "mommy blogs".  One day one of them posted about picture theft.  Some other woman was writing a blog about HER children, using HER photos and claiming HER kids.  She had little to NO recourse because she had not done anything to protect her photos.  She only found out when someone who read her blog found the fake blog.  This same blogger, once her older children reached the age of awareness, requested she quit including stories and pictures of them in her blog.  Some of the things she was posting embarrassed them.  She also had more than one instance of someone reading her blog and using it against her children.

I had a blogging friend who had her pictures stolen to be used as advertisements.  I don't want to be driving down the road and see my kids up on a billboard.  Though I admit very unlikely, it has happened.

Then there was a certain website that you could search for people on.  At the time, this website used sample pictures from people's facebook accounts to confirm it was the person you where looking for.  At the time I had only posted pictures of my crafting not my kids.  My pictures showed up for anyone to see.

The internet is a strange thing.  You have very little and in most cases absolutely no control over who views your photos.   The only way I can insure the privacy of my children is to not post their pictures and request that no one else does either.

I believe my kids should have a choice as to wether or not their pictures are plastered all over the internet.  I chose to start this blog, my kids did not.  At this time they are not old enough or aware enough of the world around them to understand exactly what the consequences are.   I am and that makes a world of difference.

I can hear you thinking "Everyone else does it"... well I am happy for Everyone Else.  As a matter of fact, I routinely enjoy looking at Everyone Else's pictures.  Everyone Else has some very adorable children.  That is Everyone Else's choice but mine is simply different.  AND frankly, if Everyone Else took a long walk on a short pier at least I'll still be dry.

I am guessing that the last sentence might have meant to be "who do you not want to know what you are up to what don't we want to share".

This trip is very much about OUR family.  This blog is very much about where we go, what we see and how much we want to share.  I am not hiding anything special.  As a matter of fact those who are close family and friends will tell you that my life is pretty much an open book.  I have been accused of having verbal diarrhea at times (just read this post).  Our families and friends just have to send out a single email, text, or place a call and we will bombard them with pictures.


Well said! You are not the only folks I know who have made this choice and in this day and age I can't say I blame any one who chooses to keep their children off the web for as long as you can!

Keep the posts coming, I really enjoyed the Blue Ghost photos, very nice!

I will exercise extreme caution while you are at the Bash. I generally snap photos non stop. My kids and others often appear in my blog posts. I have never considered it from this perspective however. I generally hope that the good forces out weight the bad ones in this world we live in.

I can't say that I agree or disagree with your choice, I do agree it is your choice and respect that as should everybody else. If somebody doesn't like your style of blogging they should not read it. Sounds like it might be a government employee, trying to control everybody to do things their way.
I enjoy your style, the ones I don't care for, I don't comment on and some I just don't read.

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