Like So Many Things

Like so many things, when we first purchased Minerva, the foam we bought was not exactly upholstery foam but it would work perfectly for weekends and vacations.  After all we weren't going to be living in it......right?  So why in the world would we spend THAT much money on foam.

Well we have found that it is not so perfect for fulltiming.  As a matter of fact, Shawn and I have turned into grumpy non-sleeping people since our not exactly upholstery grade foam has developed a dip in the middle of the bed.  Ok, dip is a bit of an understatement.....

For the last two weeks it's caused one problem or another with our sleep.  First one of us would trap the other one in the dip.  Once we figured out what was happening, we have tried sleeping on "our side" of the bed.  However, the dip is so large that you tend to slide down into the hole.

Have you ever tried to really sleep while clinging to the edge of the bed so you don't trap your spouse in a gigantic hole in the middle of the bed?

Or tried to sleep while enduring the "slight" draft or cold that radiates when you are up against the wall?  It just doesn't work very well.

Bright and early this morning, Shawn was up researching options.  Thankfully he found an upholstery store at our next stop that has the correct foam in stock and he hit up Walmart for a 4-inch memory foam mattress topper to, we hope, help stop the slide...........


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