Little Things

The time of laziness is coming to an end, thank goodness.  I'm am beyond ready to hit the road and see the scenery change again.  Yes, I know it's been less than three months.  Yes, Texas is pretty.  Yes, I've enjoyed relaxing.  However, my addiction to see new vistas has been back building and it's about to overflow and I'm tried of randomly driving around Texas just filling in the time.

Though we will have a week or two here and there that won't have a purpose to it, from now until mid-April almost every week will be spoken for.  We've already started planning out the next two months.  This week starts tax preparation and Dr. Appointments, next week we start the "See Ya Next Year" family tour (will span 2 months... off and on)and the week after that we tackle over due haircuts (an entire year without my favorite hair stylist... the horror!).  Before I know it, I will be ordering school curriculum for next year.   I can't wait to get to the storage shed to offload some junk from the trailer too.

We are still getting accustomed to the new hitch.  I have not towed with it yet.  Shawn likes to get use to driving with it before he lets me loose with it.  It does seem to have cut down on hitching up time but I'm still learning how to direct Shawn to back it up right.  (Jason, I promise to get a picture for you.. when I remember to!)


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