More New Things and A Good Night's Sleep.... Finally!

First things first... the new upholstery is done.  I only had to pick out the type of cushion I wanted and the type of covering I wanted.  Then I went over to the Sister-In-Laws and participated in a week long Jane Austen TV/Movie marathon.  (although there was a very weird anime movie at the theaters ... very weird) Shawn even picked it up by himself.

We went for Laredo Apple vinyl because of the whole easy to clean thing......

Then yesterday Shawn broke our nifty collapsable broom.  So we headed down to camping world to replace it only to return with this -

Yes, we already had GPS.  If we weren't hauling Minerva we would be perfectly happy with the one we had.  However, the "old" gps likes to argue with us.  He, with his weird Scottish pronunciations, does not seem to understand that you can't make a U-turn on a two lane road with a 27ft Airstream named Minerva ...no matter how much he wants us to try it.  Instead of being gracious about it, he argues with us (once, in Colorado, for almost 30 minutes) before changing his mind.  He also doesn't like to allow you to plan your own route.  He just keeps trying to send you only where he thinks you should go.

I've spent the better part of the day playing with the new TripMaker RVND.  It allows you to change between RV and Car.  You put in the dimensions of your RV setup, how many propane bottles, how big the propane bottle and a few other things.  It really seems to want to help you prevent ID 10 T errors when planning as well.  It allows you to be as loose (Single stops) or as OCD (Multiple Stops) in your planning.  So far I have punched in the big stops of our "From the BASH To The Mouse" tour and only a pressing need to organize my closet space prevented me from driving Shawn crazy by planning out EVERY single week from departure to arrival...despite a promise not to.  Any we have 30 days to try it out and see if we like before Camping World won't take it back.... let's see how many U-Turns it suggests and how long it argues with us.....

A funny thing, there is an Airstream dealer down by the camping world here in Fort Worth.  Naturally we had to stop in.  They had what looked like a 1980's Excella there on consignment but it was locked up tight.  The only thing we could tell was it had a blow out at some point.  We then meandered down to look at the new ones.. don't worry vintage lovers, we just love to look.  The new International Serenity wasn't bad but still not a floor plan to tempt us and it really is all about the floor plan when you live in your Airstream with two adults, two kids, and two dogs.  The sales guy looked so hopeful when he came out to chat us up and we explained we had an airstream.  He thought for sure he had a guaranteed sale on his hands....  I tried to gently disabuse him of this while Shawn just walked away to look at the new ones.

Now we are just waiting for the hair cut (Frank.. those split ends are still troubling me), the school week to end, the work week to end... then it's off to one of those grandparent peoples.... someone send the Tequila!

And Jason.. I promise that before you see me at the BASH, I WILL get a picture of the tailgate open over the new hitch.... that only gives me 5 months to accomplish it!


You can demonstrate the hitch when you courtesy park here. Which I think is right before the Bash??? But a picture would be cool for the rest of the blog readers!

When you are right.. you are right. Yes, I will demonstrate at your house which is before the BASH! Yes, I will get a picture up for the other readers...

How are you liking the GPS Nicki? Whip

so far we are quite happy with the new GPS. We find it easier to use and has many, many more campgrounds listed in it's POI. I would recommend it... so far.

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